Virtue Mini® — An Authentic Miami Cuban Link Bracelet

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This is an add-on item for Virtue® — An Authentic Miami Cuban Link Chain

👑 Authentic Cuban Link Bracelet
Don't Just Settle For Average
🔥 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
Enjoy Comfy, Reliable Wearability 
✨ Smooth, Polished, Opulent Finish
Stays Shiny With Little Maintenance
🍀 An Empowering Good Luck Charm!
Bring Good Fortune To Your Everyday
🛍️ Best Deal Available — Guaranteed
Spend Less Money On A Superior Chain

    Every Cuban link bracelet is carefully-crafted and cut to perfection by our team of expert smiths and lapidaries. Always made of premium, solid, surgical-grade stainless steel, finally you can own a Cuban link bracelet that stays polished and doesn't fade, nor break the bank. Using proprietary, advanced liquid metal engineering and eco-friendly German electroplating, each Cuban link is created to exhibit a naturally reflective finish that onlookers will be unable to distinguish from thousand dollar solid gold, titanium, and/or platinum-based jewelry. Our Cuban link bracelet also doubles as a great gift for a partner, friend or family member, as it screams thoughtful, regal, and beautiful.

    There is a reason why our stainless steel is referred to as 'surgical grade' or 'marine grade'. It's strong, durable, and highly corrosion resistant (rust-proof) compared to generic stainless steel. These properties are an industry favorite, especially in medicine and the marine corps, where reliability and integrity are incredibly important and life-saving. Our authentic Cuban link bracelets are also hypoallergenic and nickel-free so you can wear your gorgeous necklace daily, without any issue.