Our Story

"My favorite brand stories are written as letters from the founder. I wanted to take a similar, but simplified, approach. Here are 3 key questions about UNITED SE7EN (US) and their answers - from the founder.

While I wanted to keep our story short, sweet and to-the-point, I did want to take a moment to highlight our process. The following are hand-drawn illustrations of our process for crafting Virtue US. The full process includes a few additional steps and takes closer to two months to complete. 

And so, thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about us. If you skipped the details, that's okay, we appreciate you too...just a little less...haha."   

S. Roshan, Founder

UNITED SE7EN founder signature

A look into our 14-step process:


We begin our process by carefully illustrating a 2D technical sketch (schematic). Here all the measurements are noted for every unique angle of the chain. Changes to the chain blueprint are made here. Once finalized, our 2D technical sketch is modelled in 3D using our favorite CAD software. Once we are happy with the final design, we move on to the next step.


The raw materials are gathered for the base of our chain. We collect and bundle 100% recycled marine-grade stainless steel that has been inspected and tested by SGS SA. Furthermore, using a specialized in-house system, the raw material is funnelled and woven to form the linked skeleton of our chain. Careful calibration and monitoring is essential here.


Once we have our chain's skeleton formed, we proceed to give it a hard (rough) polish to remove any and all the abrasive imperfections on its surface. This is normal for any raw metal, including stainless steel. Here, we begin to see the contoured surface of each link. Next, the clasp is welded to the chain by hand. Any additional tooling and strengthening is done at this stage as well.


Once the complete structure of the chain is formed, with the clasp intact, we begin our second round of polishing. This time it is a high (soft) polish intended to give each link a beautiful opulent (shiny) surface. Each chain is then carefully hand-cleaned; first a soap cleansing and second a deep water cleansing. Between and following each cleaning, the chain is thoroughly wiped and dried.


Freshly cleaned and dried, an inspection process begins whereby each chain is analyzed, link by link, and given a pass, fail or fix. Those which fail are recycled, or together with those designated fix, are taken back to redo an earlier step in the process. For those which pass, they are prepared for logo engraving. Following proper setting and calibration, a CNC machine laser engraves the "US" logo onto the top of the clasp.

11. PLATE | 12. DRY

Each chain that makes it to this stage is wiped clean from any dirt, dust, or fingerprints. If it is destined to become a piano black or vintage gold chain, it is placed into a special housing chamber to undergo our gold-standard PVD plating. This process occurs a total of three (3) times. After each round of plating, the chain is dried inside the chamber and following the last round, is air-dried.

13. CHECK | 14. PACK

Nearly ready, the most important step in the process begins. A thorough quality control evaluation is undergone for each chain reaching this stage. Any chain with a major issue is recycled, whereas those with minor issues are corrected by hand (if possible). Those passing this check are wiped clean, plastic sealed, and packed in their individual box along with any companion materials. Production is now complete!