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Virtue® — An Authentic Miami Cuban Link Chain
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Necklace of Kings

Designed for the few—finally an affordable, luxury chain. Hand-crafted from solid, marine-grade stainless steel, you can expect an eye-catching, comfortable, and durable necklace, every time!

Bold. Virtuos. Extraordinary.

We set out to create a chain that would embolden its wearer and separate them from the rest. Through collaboration, ingenuity and perseverance, we were able to make good on our promise; to create a chain with unwavering strength at its core and unmatched beauty at its surface.

Pure Craftsmanship

Through next-generation liquid metal engineering and multi-layer PVD plating, we forged an iconic Miami Cuban link chain. From design to purification to polishing, a lengthy modelling, crafting and evaluation process is undertaken to bring our signature design to reality.

Match Your Style

Whether you prefer vogue, classic, or casual, our Virtue® Miami Cuban Link Chain adapts to your style, mood and personality. With 45 different combinations of length, width and color, easily find the perfect accessory for you. Mix, match and stack for the ultimate level of expression and customizability.




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