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Lifetime unlimited-use discount!
Most brands don't do this, but we like to reward support from the very beginning. So what the hell, here's $10 off that never expires and can be redeemed on any order you make.

Discount code: THE-UNITED-SE7EN
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Please note: you MUST be an existing customer + use your existing account during checkout to sucessfully redeem your lifetime discount code.


Lifetime free express shipping!
You will NEVER have to pay for our fast 2-4 day shipping on any of our jewelry. This means even if we change the price or speed, you will keep the $0 price tag forever + the same fast delivery speed you've come to expect.


Exclusive freebie & gift offers!
You get access to customer-only offers that include cashback refunds or free gifts for completing small tasks that support US. Now that's a real win-win!

Our current available offers:
Submit a 1-minute video review wearing your UNITED SE7EN jewelry & receive $7 USD (refunded back to your original method of payment.)
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7-day early access to new releases
Get a full week of early access to our new jewelry drops, so you have the opportunity to lock in your favorite color(s) and size(s) before they sell out. You get it delivered before most even have the chance to buy theirs!


Supervote on new products
All signed up members (of the UNITED SE7EN) get a chance to vote on new product ideas and designs, but as a customer, your vote counts as double, or you hold what we like to call a supervote (our apologies to democracy in advance.)


Access to customer-only items
There is our primary catalog, which includes all the classics and best-sellers. Then there are our member's only items, which includes branded clothing and merchandise. And then there are our customer-only items, experimental items that we don't mass produce.
You get access to them all!



Free men's chain style guide
An original PDF guide with 70 unique ways and outfits you could rock with your new chain as the centerpiece. Includes a wide-range of ideas: from casual to formal simple to complex average to celebrity and lowkey to boastful.
And more!